Who Are We


I am a busy, animal loving mum of three little children. Having spent my career working as a Chartered Accountant and Auditor in practice, after some life changing events and bereavements, I decided that it was time to follow my passion and make the leap and set up my own equine business.

I have always been an animal lover and this runs in the family! At present we have 1 horse, 3 ponies, a lively cocker spaniel, 2 cats, 3 guinea pigs and some fish. My children all have a love of animals too and adore the ponies. They are mostly happy hackers, but also enjoy attending shows and clear round jumping. My eldest is a member of Pony Club and is enjoying regular rallies.

Over the years I’ve had many friends’ children meet, fuss and ride our ponies. When out hacking with the children, I’m often stopped and asked whether I offer pony riding etc. There are so many children that would love an opportunity to meet, interact with and ride a pony. It really is such a wonderful experience.

The recent success at our first ever event (my children’s infant school PTA family fun day) gave me the confidence to believe I could make this into a business. We made so many children happy, many having their first ever ride on a pony, some didn’t want to get off, one little girl said we had “made her life”!!

And so the business ‘The Great Little Pony Co’ was born.

The team

I have a team of adult helpers. They are all horse and pony mad like me; they are mums and each one of them is very experienced with equines of all shapes and sizes, as well as experienced with children and ponies.

Fully DBS checked and insured.

My children are a huge part of the team, spending hours and hours with the ponies, riding, keeping them fit and having lots of fun and adventures.

Becks has been around horses much of her life and part of her career was spent managing a local riding school. Becks has her own horse Millie, a 15.3hh thoroughbred cross, who she enjoys happy hacking, clinics and fun rides. Becks also spends much of her time with her daughter and their pony Elsa, happy hacking, having lessons and hopefully joining pony club this year.

Meet The Ponies

Kylie (Senny Kylie)

2010 11.1hh chestnut roan welsh section A mare

We bought Kylie in autumn 2021 for my eldest son Henry to move onto as he had outgrown the Shetlands.
Since joining our family she has been a total star. Taking my son to his first shows, regular lessons and pony club rallies. As well as lots of fun and adventures happy hacking.
Many friends’ children have ridden Kylie and experienced their first show with her, clear round jumping on her and leaving with their first rosette and a big smile.

Kylie really looks after her rider and she and Henry have developed a great bond. Henry has enjoyed coming off the lead rein in 2022 and loves nothing more than trotting off with his friends whilst out hacking.


Honey is an 2012 8hh skewbald miniature Shetland mare. She reminds lots of people of the thelwell pony (indeed she took 1st place in her first in hand showing class “thelwell pony”!). 

I have owned Honey since 2018 and she has been ridden and handled by my young children. She has so much character for such a small pony. Blossom is her very best friend! 

Bought for my son Henry’s second birthday, she has been ridden by him, his brother and now my youngest, 2yo daughter Florence, as well as many more little people!

Previously Honey was owned by a therapeutic foster carer and was used to lots of children fussing her and leading her around.


Blue (Cairngorm Blue Sparkle)

Blue is a 2007 11hh welsh section A. It took many months to find this special pony who joined us in 2023.

He has spent his life teaching children the ropes and is a total superstar. Safe and sensible, a dream of a child’s pony. He has come from several pony club homes, has had many adoring riders and has amassed quite a fan club along the way!

My children adore him! Blue will be out competing this year with my children at novice shows and is one of our party ponies. He is just the coolest little guy and we know everyone will fall head over heals for him!


Blossom is a 2006 strawberry roan mare. She is a miniature shetland x spotted miniature pony and stands at approx 8.1hh.

She was bought for my son George’s second birthday in 2019 and has been ridden by all my children, currently my almost 3yo daughter, as well as many more little people!

Blossom is the sweetest pony, so gentle and kind, with children of all ages. She has a calm and quiet demeanour. She loves to be groomed, will happily stand for hours. Honey is her very best friend!


Elsa is a 2019 piebald mini cob (affectionately referred to as a coblet!). Elsa was bought as a riding pony for her owners daughter, as a first ridden and she has been just perfect since she arrived despite her age. She is wise beyond her years and takes everything in her stride. She has filled her rider with bags of confidence and has already stolen the hearts of many children who’ve had a ride on her.

Joboy (Jojo)

My beautiful Jojo passed over the rainbow bridge in July 2022 at the grand age of almost 30, having been my everything since he was bought as a 5yo.
He was a beautiful 14.1hh skewbald gelding who was born in Jersey.
He was my first very own pony; and my first love. I spent my teenage years happy hacking, schooling, doing fun rides with my sister and he also had a successful showing career, in hand and under saddle qualifying for CHAPS and Ponies UK.
He was such a character and we had an amazing bond for almost 25yrs. He was guest of honour at my wedding and the love of my life, and is so dearly missed.

Lou (Elouise Sunset)

Lou is a 2002 15.2hh Trakehner x TB
I’ve had Lou for over 10yrs. She was a happy hacker and we enjoyed schooling and some fun rides as my pony Joboy got older. Unfortunately Lou developed a hindlimb lameness which the vets could not resolve so she has been retired since 2013. She spends her days happily munching grass and enjoying retirement.

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